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Articles By: Jonathan Anson

The Lesson Game Companies Should Learn from Sonic Mania

Jonathan Anson / Jan 25th, 2018 With the growing availability of digital tools, it has become more popular for video game fans to show their 0 comments continue reading >>

How Realism Piledrives Fun in WWE Games

Jonathan Anson / Nov 17th, 2017 While opinions may vary on the current quality of professional wrestling, it’s undeniable that such a venue for sports 0 comments continue reading >>

Seth Robinson on the Making of Dink Smallwood

Jonathan Anson / Sep 19th, 2017 Indie games have risen in popularity next to their mainstream cousins. Smaller game developers have found a niche by 1 comments continue reading >>

NES and SNES Classic: A Tale of Two Mini-Consoles

Jonathan Anson / Sep 7th, 2017 The recent resurgence of classic gaming has seen all manner of companies try to fan the flames of nostalgia, 0 comments continue reading >>

Pokémon: Magikarp Jump Review

Jonathan Anson / Jun 5th, 2017 Since debuting in 1996’s Pokémon, Magikarp has been a punching bag for gamers. The reason: the water-based creature is 0 comments continue reading >>

Why the West Still Undervalues Visual Novels

Jonathan Anson / May 19th, 2017 Literature and video games have been kindred bedfellows for decades. The two forms of entertainment have enjoyed a successful 0 comments continue reading >>

The Story of AO

Jonathan Anson / Apr 20th, 2017 Since 1994, the Entertainment Software Rating Board has been tasked with providing content ratings for video games released in 0 comments continue reading >>

The Rise of Dystopian Video Games

Jonathan Anson / Mar 21st, 2017 Dystopia. The word alone is sure to conjure up images of an undesirable, frightening future where mankind is in 0 comments continue reading >>

Tower Defense Generals Review

Jonathan Anson / Feb 6th, 2017 GameSpire claims that its latest defense-based title Tower Defense Generals “is one of the most engaging games 0 comments continue reading >>

Defense Zone 3 HD Review

Jonathan Anson / Jan 17th, 2017 As you might expect from a sequel, the third entry in the Defense Zone series from independent developer Artem 0 comments continue reading >>

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Stick It to the Man Review: Head Trip Dec 7th, 2017 at 11:00

Morphite Review: No One’s Sky Nov 29th, 2017 at 2:54

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