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HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON Releases Later This Month

Kalvin Martinez / Nov 6th, 2018 Thunderful Games and Skygoblin announced the release date for HELLFRONT: HONEYMOON. The first game published under Thunderful launches on 0 comments continue reading >>

NFL Outfits Coming to Fortnite

Ryan Bloom / Nov 5th, 2018 Officially licensed NFL-themed outfits are coming soon to Fortnite, developer Epic Games announced via the Fortnite website and a 0 comments continue reading >>

Gato Roboto Preview: Faster, Kittycat, Missile Missile

Kalvin Martinez / Sep 13th, 2018 Gato Roboto isn’t the name of a cool sci-if themed Chicano Japanese fusion punk band. It is a game 0 comments continue reading >>

Boyfriend Dungeon Preview: Shot Through the Heart

Kalvin Martinez / Sep 11th, 2018 My girlfriend asked me what I was most excited to see at PAX West this year as we were 0 comments continue reading >>

Dotemu @ PAX West: Streets of Rage 4 & Windjammers 2 Preview

Kalvin Martinez / Sep 7th, 2018 Holy $*%*! Dotemu came to PAX West to burn down the house. After announcing the surprising sequel to Windjammers 0 comments continue reading >>

Young Souls Preview: Twin Magic

Kalvin Martinez / Sep 6th, 2018 Part of the beauty of PAX West is discovering games you didn’t even know existed. I had that experience 0 comments continue reading >>

EA Details Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode

Ryan Bloom / Sep 5th, 2018 In a trailer released by EA spilled the details of Battlefield V’s game modes, including its take on battle 0 comments continue reading >>

2K Adds The Golf Club 2019 to its Sports Profile

Ryan Bloom / Aug 29th, 2018 The Golf Club 2019 Featuring PGA Tour launched Tuesday, and it did so with 2K Sports as its publisher. 0 comments continue reading >>

The King’s Bird Launches Today on PC

Kalvin Martinez / Aug 23rd, 2018 Graffiti Games and Serenity Forge released The King’s Bird today on Steam for $19.99. The King’s Bird is a 0 comments continue reading >>

THQ Nordic Announces Scarf for PC this Winter

Kalvin Martinez / Aug 8th, 2018 THQ Nordic and Uprising Studios announced today Scarf. It is scheduled for a PC release in winter 2018/2019. Scarf 0 comments continue reading >>

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