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Archive for Category: PS4 Game Reviews

Guacamelee! 2 Review: Lucha Dimension Party

Kalvin Martinez / Aug 23rd, 2018 Representation in media is hugely important. It isn’t simply about throwing a few ancillary characters in that check off 0 comments continue reading >>

Detached Review: The Dead of Space

Ben Sheene / Aug 8th, 2018 Games that capitalize on the sheer terror and wonder of the infinite vacuum of space hold a special place 0 comments continue reading >>

Remedy Reveals Control for 2019

Kalvin Martinez / Jun 12th, 2018 Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games revealed Control during the Sony PlayStation E3 media briefing with a debut trailer. Formerly 0 comments continue reading >>

Vampyr Review: Call Me Vampire

Kalvin Martinez / Jun 7th, 2018 Choice and morality were all the rage in video games for a long time, but when the limits of 0 comments continue reading >>

Omensight Review: Mysterio

Kalvin Martinez / May 29th, 2018 We often overlook how effective a strong hook or plot device is in drawing us into a video game. 0 comments continue reading >>

Laser League Review: The Future is Neon

Ben Sheene / May 23rd, 2018 Any good competitive multiplayer game will leave the player craving more. The desire to dive back in for one 0 comments continue reading >>

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom Review: King Back

Kalvin Martinez / Apr 5th, 2018 Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch was one of, if not, the finest JRPG of the last 0 comments continue reading >>

Blasters of the Universe Review: A VR Hell of Bullets

Ben Sheene / Mar 29th, 2018 After my first night watching glowing red bullets whiz past my head in Blasters of the Universe, I awoke 0 comments continue reading >>

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life Review: Kiryu and Cub

Kalvin Martinez / Mar 15th, 2018 Despite being around since 2005, Yakuza has only recently received wider recognition in the west that rivals its popularity 0 comments continue reading >>

Monster Hunter World Review: Thrill of the Hunt

Ben Sheene / Feb 20th, 2018 Monster Hunter World is an exhausting game. At 50 hours in, I climbed the volcanic mountain sitting on the 0 comments continue reading >>

Red’s Kingdom Review: Fist Full of Nuts Aug 31st, 2018 at 10:54

2064: Read Only Memories INTEGRAL Review: Technoboiled Aug 30th, 2018 at 7:00

Guacamelee! 2 Review: Lucha Dimension Party Aug 23rd, 2018 at 7:00

MyCharge PowerGame Review: Last Longer Aug 21st, 2018 at 10:00

Mugsters Review: Follow the Leader Aug 10th, 2018 at 9:23

Detached Review: The Dead of Space Aug 8th, 2018 at 10:00

Runbow Review: Run 4 Ya Life Aug 2nd, 2018 at 10:34

20XX Review: Rock, Rock On Jul 27th, 2018 at 8:00

Battle Chasers: Nightwar Review: Homage Jul 20th, 2018 at 9:37

Burnstar Review: Arsonists Jul 19th, 2018 at 10:33

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