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Destiny 2 Gods of Mars DLC Details Possibly Leaked

Ben Sheene / Dec 28th, 2017 Destiny 2‘s next DLC expansion may have just got a massive information drop thanks to a leak on PlayStation 0 comments continue reading >>

Destiny 2 The Dawning Holiday Event Starts Tomorrow

Ben Sheene / Dec 18th, 2017 Destiny 2 is bringing the holiday spirit to Guardians with the limited-time event The Dawning. This season The Dawning 0 comments continue reading >>

Destiny 2 Review: Growth in the Light

Ben Sheene / Sep 20th, 2017 Improving one’s self is a grueling task. It forces a person to pick apart their layers with surgical precision, 0 comments continue reading >>

Destiny 2 Review in Progress: Brilliant Spark

Ben Sheene / Sep 8th, 2017 Before Destiny 2 launched this week, I was unsure of where I ultimately stood on the game. Was it 0 comments continue reading >>

Bungie Drops Destiny 2 Raid Release Date, Live Action Trailer

Ben Sheene / Aug 31st, 2017 Bungie is going full force on the Destiny 2 hype train by releasing a live action trailer for the 0 comments continue reading >>

Bungie Parterning with Direct Relief for Hurricane Harvey Victims

Ben Sheene / Aug 30th, 2017 Bungie is inviting Guardians and players around the world to help with the victims of Hurricane Harvey and those 0 comments continue reading >>

How to Activate the Destiny 2 Spider Tank Heroic Public Event

Ben Sheene / Aug 24th, 2017 Destiny 2 is bringing back Public Events in a big way, allowing players to activate Heroic Public Events by 0 comments continue reading >>

Watch Guardians Clash in the Destiny 2 Multiplayer Trailer

Ben Sheene / Aug 8th, 2017 Destiny 2‘s competitive multiplayer is the focus of a new trailer released by Bungie and Activision. The trailer highlights 0 comments continue reading >>

Destiny 2 Beta Content, Release Date Revealed

Ben Sheene / Jul 6th, 2017 Bungie announced the Destiny 2 beta starts on July 18 for PlayStation 4 players who have access from pre-ordering 0 comments continue reading >>

Destiny 2 Preview: Shifting Dynamics

Kalvin Martinez / May 22nd, 2017 Everything in Destiny 2 is going to be bigger and more dynamic. At an event in Hawthorne, Calif., Bungie 0 comments continue reading >>

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