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Orconoid Review

Jonathan Anson / Jan 2nd, 2017 There are many games that enable players to dish out all manner of punishment to orcs. Orconoid, by BlueFXGames, 0 comments continue reading >>

New Tap Order 2 Review

Jonathan Anson / Nov 8th, 2016 New Tap Order 2 by Aliasing Games is the latest addition to a massive field of tap-based physics titles 1 comments continue reading >>

Super Senso Preview: A New War

Greg Johnson / Sep 30th, 2016 The Japanese term “senso” translates to war in English. That means “Super Senso” roughly translates to “Super War.” Super 0 comments continue reading >>

Evolve(d) Companion Apps

Greg Johnson / Feb 16th, 2015 Companion apps are slowly becoming an expectation of big releases. Some developers have created companion apps that enhance gameplay 0 comments continue reading >>

Nobody Said It Was Easy (Mobile) Review

Greg Johnson / Feb 10th, 2015 Nobody Said It Was Easy will more than likely have players snapping their phones in half. Released on the 0 comments continue reading >>

Tennis in the Face (PS4) Review

Miranda L Visser / Jan 12th, 2015 Few games attempt to create a mixture as volatile as tennis and street justice — that is where Tennis 0 comments continue reading >>

Axle (Android) Review

Greg Johnson / Aug 25th, 2014 Developed and published by Fallstreak Studio, Axle serves as the studio’s first release. Fallstreak Studio was founded by a 0 comments continue reading >>

Mobile Platformer Axle Nominated for a Geekie, Out Today

Ben Sheene / Aug 16th, 2014 Fallstreak Studio‘s mobile platforer Axle is available today in the Google Play store. Axle started out its life as a small project 0 comments continue reading >>

SEGA Announces Crazy Taxi: City Rush

Jonathan Anson / Mar 17th, 2014 SEGA Networks, Inc. the mobile development division of SEGA, announced a new title in the famous Crazy Taxi franchise. Crazy Taxi: 0 comments continue reading >>

King’s League: Odyssey (iOS) Review

Miranda L Visser / Nov 21st, 2013 “King’s League: Odyssey” for iOS devices is a previously browser only real time strategy game where players are charged 0 comments continue reading >>

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